88 Compelling Words and Phrases to Prompt Website Visitors into Action [Info-graphic]

Are you looking for ways to better prompt your website visitors into a desired action, or ideal actions that you'd like them to take?

Your web design and copy is important, but it can also come down to the specific words and phrases you use, with some proven to be more effective at inciting psychological response, and triggering behavior.

To help, Ashlyn Writes shares 88 words and phrases to boost your website performance in this info-graphic.

She breaks things down into the following sections:

  • Imply exclusivity

  • Imply scarcity

  • Lower risk

  • Power words

Check out the info-graphic for more detail.

Source: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/88-compelling-words-and-phrases-to-prompt-website-visitors-into-action-inf/556990/?fbclid=IwAR2h6bqtI_eZNKb055IOkZuSht6j7DDP5oVpgQf8yAyDPg99FuOKfaeG_RA