Don’t Die Young! Resveratrol could just be your holy-grail!

Taking the right health supplements can help protect you against common life threatening conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Help your heart and sharpen your immune system with these supplements.

Reduce Cancer Risk

Try: Resveratrol

Cancer is the top killer. Every fourth reported death in Singapore has a cancer-related cause. The National Cancer Centre Singapore lists colorectal cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths among Singapore men followed by lung and #prostate cancers.

Resveratrol, found in the skin of grapes, seems to interact directly with genes that regulate ageing. Goes to show that you can’t stop the clock, but you can slow it down. This chemical has been shown to promote DNA repair in animals, enhance blood flow to people’s brains, and halt the growth of prostate cancer and colon cancer cells.


It’s gained a lot of attention for its reported anti-aging and disease-fighting powers. Still, it’s important to note that while experts agree that it does have potential, there’s still not enough data to confirm its effectiveness. Still, early research does suggest it might help protect you against:

Heart disease: It’s thought to help reduce inflammation, lower LDL or "bad" cholesterol, and make it more difficult for clots to form that can lead to a heart attack.

Cancer: It could limit the spread of cancer cells and start killing them.

Alzheimer's: It may protect nerve cells from damage and fight the plaque buildup that can lead to the disease.

Diabetes: Resveratrol helps prevent insulin resistance, a condition in which the body becomes less sensitive to the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin. The condition can lead to diabetes.

Researchers believe that Resveratrol activates the SIRT1 gene. That gene is believed to protect the body against the effects

of obesity and the diseases of aging.

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