M1ND is a dietary supplement featuring clinically shown CERA-Q that supports memory and L-Theanine that helps concentration.

Modern-day living demands individuals to increasing remember more and fight distractions. Recalling and responding to daily data can cause stress. MIND is formulated with ingredients of exclusive rights to CERA-Q, a new powerful protein blend, a scientific solution to support memory and L-Theanine to help promote concentration.

Memory Support Using CERA-Q.

Discovered in year 2000, by Korean researchers, CERA-Q was uncovered by breaking down silkworm cocoons into smaller proteins. The data from seven (7) clinical studies shows that CERA-Q support memory and recollection. Some of these studies shown statistically difference in memorization ability and work recall in 3 weeks (200mg dose daily). Remember more names, facts and words. Remember better. Better Life. Better career.

Example of Clinically Study: Enhancing Memory and Brain Functions in Adult

The Rey–Osterrieth complex figure test (ROCF) is a neuropsychological assessment in which examinees are asked to reproduce a complicated line drawing, first by copying it freehand (recognition), and then drawing from memory (recall).

M1ND – Enhancing memory and brain functions in adult

Based on Rey Osterrieth Administration (ROCF):

  • 99 healthy adults (ages 19-64)

  • memory & verbal learning tests

  • 0, 200, or 400 mg daily for three weeks

Enhanced memory and brain function in adults

Result after 21 days, shows an increase in adult memory and verbal learning test in accordance to ROCF score

Not convinced? Take a look at Anne's testimony after she began using M1ND. This might just be the holy-grail to brain power!