What Is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol: ➡What is it? A potent polyphenol compound found in grapes, red wine and cocoa that’s well known for it’s wide range of health benefits. Key Benefits: ➡Improves insulin sensitivity and prevents insulin resistance. Enhances fat loss by helping prevent the accumulation of fat in adipocytes.

➡Works as a natural testosterone booster and helps your body make better use of the testosterone it already has.

➡Acts as an anti-estrogen/aromatase inhibitor to prevent the excess creation of estrogen as well as blocking harmful artificial environmental estrogens.

➡Powerful antioxidant support to fight free radical scavengers and protect cell integrity.

➡Increases the metabolism more than caffeine without any stimulant effect. Thought to improve mitochondrial function.

➡May speed up muscle growth by upregulating a key anabolic pathway associated with recovery and hypertrophy (IGF-1, AKT).

➡Boosts nitric oxide synthase activity to improve the vasodilation effect and endothelial function (i.e. better blood flow and pumps)

➡May increase muscle force production and contractile strength of fast twitch fibers for improved training performance.

➡Helps to balance the inflammatory response and prevent excessive inflammation which can lead to catabolism.

➡Protects the cellular DNA and helps neutralize any carcinogenic substances.

➡Helps to keep the immune system strong and resistant to minor colds and illnesses.

➡Cardio-protective benefits to improve heart health and prevent disease. Resveratrol is without question a very healthy, safe to consider for overall long-term health and also offers some attractive benefits for bodybuilders interested in improving body composition. No, you can’t just drink a glass of red wine every day on prep. The supplement form contains 100 times the active compound as contained in a full bottle of red wine. It would take more than 100 bottles of red wine per day to get enough Resveratrol to obtain the same dose.